Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The best $2.99 ever spent...

Today, I had to cancel eating breakfast at Chickfila with my youth minister to take my brother to golf. Let me tell you, this golf course is in the middle of nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously, I thought my small town was in the middle of nowhere, and then I found this place. My oh so great mother had me directions to and from, so you're thinking "no problem, take the brother, go get some breakfast and be about your day." Not sooo fast slick. I get there just fine. Zach, aka "map", did a great job saying "go this way, this road Andy, not here, here!" So I drop him off and say bye. I call Mom and tell her "the baby eagle has landed and I'm on my way to eat some good Chickfila breakfast anyway." Well, God had a different plan. I turn out of the golf course like I turned in. I figure I can stay on that road until it ran out, because I had turned onto it at a "T" crossing... Well, the road I was on, never came to a "T". Instead, I crossed the Broad River, twice, a few railroad tracks, and it began to rain, so I couldn't see the road signs. After ten minutes of praying through the rain, driving on this single road in the middle of nowhere with a cop on my bumper probably saying "what the crap is this kid doing out here??", God answered my prayers. He let me have 3 bars of signal! I was able to use the GPS on my phone! I downloaded the week long version of Verizon Wireless Navigator, 2.99 for 5 days. That prayer went something like this, "Dear God, please let me get out of this place. It's raining, I'm hungry, there's a cop behind me, I can't see, I need to get to school, I can't call my mom, she won't know where I am, please guide me."

Well, turns out, I had gone almost allll the way to 74, and for those of you who don't know where I am, that highway is a good hour away from my home, or anything close to anywhere I needed to go. I was parked ontop of hill beside "Shiloh Baptist Church" andwas very very north on Hwy. 221. I've always wanted to travel 221 up as far as it goes just to see the scenery, well, I got my shot. I finally got to take 221 all the way to Chesnee, where, God said, "I'll take care of you, forget Chickfila, you get Bantam Chef!" (Which has the best biscuits and hashbrowns ever!) So, I got me some breakfast afterall...

All this is going on after I drop Zach off at 8:30, and have to back at school by 10:00... I pulled into the school parking lot at 9:45... God is sooo good! I was able to eat my breakfast and not be late for school! I even got to skip class (legally of course) and give a tour of the campus!

Today turned out to be pretty awesome after all!

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