Monday, February 8, 2010

"Super" Sunday

Wow! It has been too long since my last blog!! But yesterday was too awesome not to blog about it!

1st off- Sunday School! Record set for the senior high guys, all 11 of them! It was a great lesson. The group really got in-depth talking about Jesus's first miracle-- Water into Wine... Yea, the wine part got them talking about "is it right, is it wrong, what kind of wine, why would Jesus make wine, what would he make today?" Good times

Then, Zach and I went to the driving range... Now, we go to this driving range probably once a month during golf season. It's fairly nice- and cheap! Well today, of all the days I don't have correct change, the man in charge isn't there. There is a "honesty box" where you put your money in there and take the bucked of balls- Zach and I hit 2 $5 buckets- I left a $20. I figure it's better to give the man more than to steal a bucket of golf balls. So- 20 bucks to hit some white little balls- o boy!

PEYTON MANNING AND THE COLTS TIME!!! I was so excited to see Peyton make it back to the Super Bowl, especially after Tony Dungy "retired". I was pulling for them the whole way- the game looked good- we're gonna win---- until that INTERCEPTION!! geez Peyton, even though you're from that area, you could've thrown a little bit more inside! But overall, it was a good game- and the Saints deserve it. As much as I don't want to admit it- they did play really well, and Drew Brees is an awesome QB. Mardi Gras = Super Bowl Party in 2010! There was a bit turn out at the "party." I would say 25ish or so people. I'm still trying to figure out how many people a "ish" is... but when I do- that'll be in a blog I'm sure.

The best part about "Super Sunday" which made it supppppppppppppppppppper- my dad finally got home from Sri Lanka! He had been gone for 10 days on business. Mama was pretty excited to see him back to. She said she could finally go to sleep at night. My dad always brings us back stuff- this time was no different. Zach, Mom, and I all got shirts- lots and lots of "Sri Lanka" shirts! Then my dad got me some of the local news papers! (they're in English!!) Mom got some stones- they're pretty, don't get me wrong, but I'm not much of an "ooo" and "ahhh" -er. I'll give my old man some credit- the stones were HUGE and nice, and of course Mama loved them! It is a great feeling to have Dad back home.

Good phrase of the day- "even after the storm- there is always a rainbow at the end."

Dear God,
Wow, what a weekend, what a day! Thank you for all that you have blessed my life with. You have put certain abilities, people, events, every single detail of my life into order. YOU are in control of each and every part of my life! I pray that I can keep that on my heart as I go through each and every day- honoring you with my actions and thoughts. God, you know my heart. You know what I am struggling with. I know you are there to guide me- each and every step- I just have to listen and GO. Thank you for allowing my dad to return home safely. Thank you for letting him be Your shining light in Sri Lanka. They have no idea who you are over there- they don't know of your goodness, your greatness, your awesomeness, your LOVE! I pray that my dad, as well as some of the people he was with- saw a little bit of you these past 10 days and that my dad was salt and light for You. I pray that you keep a look on my family- especially Grandmother. She is coming to praise you in Heaven soon- She's about to have one HUGEEEEE mansion and lots and lots of crowns :)

All this I ask in Jesus name,

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