Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God likes showing off... even in softball

I need to get to the computer more often! I haven't blogged in almost a week!

So much has been going on, so much great a glorious things that my God is showing off with...

Anything and everything, God has completely taken over my life, and I love it!

For example, last night... I was playing some church league softball...
It was a close game... really close... We were winning in the bottom of the 5th 12-6... We made some costly errors in the field, and the score quickly became 12-11, we're still winning... Well, the next batter hits a gapper, the guy from first is going around 3rd and scores, the guy who hit the ball was coming into 3rd. The umpire in the field was covering 2nd, and the home plate umpire was covering home (nobody saw 3rd) I was playing 3rd and got the ball, placed in front of the bag, waited on the slide... TAGGED HIM! BEFORE HE EVER TOUCHED THE BAG! I'm thinking "He's out, we got him, let's go hit!" The umpire in the field had his back to the play, and couldn't overrule the man behind the plate... That umpire came over and yelled "Safe! Around the tag"

I was livid!!! I said "there's no way??? I had the glove waiting on him, the ball even beat him here?!?!"

"No, no. He slid around the base, and then you tagged him."

I would have been fine with a missed call, because the runner was out. But I cannot get over the fact that he LIED about it!! He was behind home plate and makes that call, ridiculous!
The other team ended up scoring 3 more runs, and we were trailing 12-14...

After the inning, I went directly to the umpire in the field and apologized. I felt terrible for calling him out when he couldn't do anything about it. He knew my dad and said "I've chewed your dad out plenty of games, I understand. don't worry about it." Then I went to the umpire behind the plate and apologized to him, I told him " I'm sorry for over reacting, we're human and we all make mistakes, i apologize" he said "it's OK, i saw the play, he was in there, and then you tagged him." i asked him one last time, "after this question, I'm dropping it, 'where were you when you made that call?'" he replied "from me to that pole" (about 35-40 feet) i said "OK, thanks Andy" Being an umpire myself, i knew he hadn't seen that play from 40 feet off... but I dropped it, and continued to play, God gave me the ability to swallow my pride, anger, and attitude to apologize to the umpires... even though I still believe I was right, and they were wrong, they were in charge, and I questioned it...

We ended up losing 18-15 (on some very close fair/foul calls too I might add)

But we still ended up with 3rd place for the season, which ain't too shabby :) We start the post-season tournament this weekend, and we're hoping to have better luck, and bring home the big trophy!

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